Ignite the Spirit, Realize the Dream


On February 12th, Singers in Accord will collaborate with J.D. Steele and the MacPhail Community Youth Choir and Suzuki String Ensemble for a special benefit concert for Shangilia Foundation USA to help in their effort to build a child rescue center and residence for homeless children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. This center will be the new home of the Shangilia Youth Choir of Kenya, which provides performing arts training to the children that live at Shangilia, building self-confidence, teamwork, and the concept of excellence in these children that would otherwise be lost.

Let your spirit be moved by stirring arrangements of African and American music by J.D. Steele. Empowering messages of peace, hope and love will fill the O’Shaughnessy through spirituals, folksongs and African chants, inspiring hope for a better future through the power of the performing arts!