Singers In Accord with guest director Dr. David L. Mennicke, Director of Choral Studies at Concordia University, St. Paul Proudly present Earthsongs - songs from around the world reflecting hope for peace and restoration amid adversity.

The hour-long concert shares music from around the world, including compositions and arrangements representing Native Americans, the Middle East, Latin America, South Africa, Asia, and African Americans. It is noteworthy that the majority of the composers/arrangers are from under-represented populations, lending insight and authenticity to the pieces.

Each section of the program offers a challenge each culture has faced (or is still facing), then offers a way each of these peoples has found towards peace and restoration. For example, the South African section opens with Peter Louis van Dijk's Horizons, which tells the story of the Khoisan tribe's first encounter with Europeans and its tragic, violent outcome for those native people. The program then responds with an arrangement of the South African Gospel piece, "Kwabona Kala (Be Like Him)" by SIA's guest collaborator, David Mennicke, which combines that tune with a famous European melody to musically express a recent reconciliation that took place in South Africa.

Sat., April 30, 2022 ~ 7:00 pm

Sun., May 1, 2022 ~ 5:00 pm

Jehovah Lutheran Church

1566 Thomas Ave. W., St. Paul, MN

$15 tickets available at the door (cash or check preferred)

Masks & Vaccinations Required